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NAME: Tenma Matsukaze
CANON: Inazuma Eleven GO
CANON REFERENCE: Adapted before the Chrono Stone arc
AGE: 14 (13 in canon, 14 due to time passing during [community profile] theinstitute)
APPEARANCE: Here he is playing soccer with an alien. Totally normal.


Tenma is an optimistic and friendly boy, adopting an "It'll work out somehow!" attitude. He is trusting of others to a fault, almost blindly believing in their good side. He is at the very least courteous to his opponents and enemies. Even when he is betrayed, he stubbornly holds onto the idea that the "traitor" is still a good person buried underneath their questionable actions. Beyond looking at people's hearts, he tends to focus on other good aspects, such as talents and interests. While he is naive and inexperienced, he does know how to learn and keep an open mind for growth. He has a penchant for teasing good friends who he knows will not be offended.

He is persistent and determined to the point of just being stubborn about issues, especially when it comes to soccer. When he is knocked over, he will always try to get back up even when he has taken a particularly bad beating. When it comes to certain subjects, such as soccer, he does not like to back down. He can even become confrontational, such as when Takuto Shindou was trying to quit the soccer club.

Tenma is very honest. He only lies when it is necessary albeit poorly. He dislikes when people are not honest with themselves, especially when it affects others (and soccer), and not afraid to call people out on this (the more soccer involved the more likely he will). He believes strongly in most forms of freedom, such as the freedom for mutants to do as they please provided they do not harm anyone.

He deeply cares about his friends and family and does his best to relate to them. Tenma often puts their well being above his own and will not hesitate to fling himself into danger if it means protecting others. However, it can get to the point where it interferes with his normal behavior, such as when his concern for Taiyou Amemiya's health hindered his soccer abilities.

Yet in spite of his strong will, Tenma is prone to complete demotivation when something has affected him on a personal level. One of the few things that will destroy much of his momentum is learning that he has caused suffering, even if unintentionally. His moping tends to last for an indefinite amount of time, unless drawn out by some friendly encouragement.

He also lets self-doubts that are planted in his heart grow. Unlike when he mopes, he tries to hide it, both unconsciously and knowingly, depending on the nature. Often, he will cover up his self-doubts with cheer or determination, and only those who know him well are able to see through it. Like his demotivated phases, he can be pulled out with the right encouragement and revelations.

POWERS/ABILITIES: Telekinesis - Psychokinesis, Emotional Sensory, and Image Projection

In general, his powers are relatively weak due to his negligence to study and lingering doubts in his abilities. Though they have grown since he first transferred to the Xavier's Institute of Higher Learning (an retconning), he still has much learning and training to do. His telekinetic abilities branches off into three sub powers: Psychokinesis, Emotional Sensory, and Image Projection

His Psychokinetic powers can move objects. Due to his weak focus, his range is limited to a few feet around him. When he concentrates hard enough, he is able to levitate briefly. Because he has to focus, he must remain stationary, leaving him vulnerable to his surroundings. Like most with psychokinesis, lighter objects are easier to manipulate while larger objects are more difficult.

With Emotional Sensory, Tenma can sense the emotions of people around him, but not their accompanying thoughts. When focused on a single person, he can tell how they are feeling emotionally and can notice subtle changes. He has yet to realize this is an actual power linked to his mutation, as it is a passive skill. Until he learns that this is an actual power he has, he merely believes he is good at reading people.

Image Projection is a skill that allows him to create illusions for a few seconds by tricking the brain into seeing what he wants it to see. Although he only discovered he had this skill at the Institute, it is easiest for him to understand and is limited only by his imagination. Normally he can control who sees these illusions, but under stress the range of targets can vary. With simple projections, he is free to move around, and even interact with them. Conversely, the more complicated the projection, the more he has to remain stationary to focus. Due to being mental projections, they cannot be captured on normal cameras.(Unrelated bonus: His favorite projection to pull out is Pegasus Arc, which will act as his own original character instead, do not steal)


Though born in Tokyo, a significant chunk of his childhood was spent in Okinawa thanks to his parents' job transfer. When Tenma was three years old, he came across a puppy trapped in some wooden planks. The stress of trying to save the puppy triggered an involuntary psychic burst, causing the planks, which were haphazardly rested against a wall and barely restrained, to dislodge from their holding and fall. Luckily, he was saved by a wandering mutant soccer player. Because of the trauma and the image of a soccer ball saving him burned into his mind, he had repressed the memory of his own psychic burst, inhibiting his power's growth.

Due to his new found intense passion for soccer, Tenma moves back to Tokyo to live with a relative in order to attend Raimon Junior High, a middle school that is famous for its soccer club. Despite his friendly disposition, he had been ostracized by his most of classmates for being interested only in soccer (and being abysmal at it to boot), and for his positive opinions towards mutants. Only managing to make one friend who saw past the ridicule surrounding his image, he was able to keep all his ideals in tact by immersing himself in soccer to the point that it even became a sort of friend to him. His powers remained dormant as result of him deciding to hone his physical abilities rather than his mental abilities.

Additionally, he would not learn the true extent of anti-mutant sentiment until he entered Raimon Junior High. On his first day of school, he ran into a Seed, an agent of Fifth Sector. Having spent most of his time alone or with his single friend, Tenma was unaware of the activities Fifth Sector was rumored to be engaged in, especially the nasty ones concerning the exploitation of mutant youths. He challenged the Seed to a soccer battle after the Seed had insulted soccer. Despite believing it would work out somehow, he was completely outclassed by the Seed and severely beaten as result. Thankfully, he was saved from being completely incapacitated by the soccer club.

His troubles surrounding Fifth Sector would not end there. A member of the soccer club was accidentally revealed to be a mutant and was pressured to quit entirely. Tenma was able to confront and help convince his new teammate not to quit and decided to take a more active stance against anti-mutant sentiment and Fifth Sector. He publicly supported mutants and rallied against Fifth Sector's influence and involvement in things like soccer matches. He even discovered the reason the Seed sent to Raimon had even joined the organization and had a hand in the Seed's change of heart.

All his hard work would eventually pay off, but with a price. Although Fifth Sector had backed down from their operations, they still outed several mutants and lingering anti-mutant sentiment drove them away. Even his own teammates were still suffering and even vanished from Raimon, rumored to have run away or transfer to schools overseas. Tenma would not escape Fifth Sector's scars either. A high ranking member of Fifth Sector appeared before Tenma one day, revealing himself to be the mutant who saved him ten years prior. He also revealed Tenma himself was a mutant and the cause of a psychic outburst that knocked the wooden planks over in the first place. The revelation began to chip away at whatever mental blocks his repression unconsciously set up, allowing his powers to finally manifest.

After much thought, Tenma came into terms with his telekinesis and what his status as a mutant would imply. He did a little badgering investigating behind his teammates' transfers and learned of schools, including Xavier's Institute of Higher Learning. He eventually received an invitation to attend the Institute and accepted it without hesitating.

Tenma's slow progress at the Institute was beginning to concern him. As result, he did not participate in much outside of classroom antics and extracurricular activities (soccer). However, when Project Wideawake went online, Tenma was finally spurred into action once again. Although he still believed he would be ill suited for anything crazy like rescue missions, he joined in protests and visibility efforts.

All of his activity came to a halt when the president was assassinated. He was among the students evacuated to the basement during the Sentinel attack. Unfortunately, that was not enough to keep him safe from the lapses of the world lines, and like many of his classmates, he ended up in stasis.

He wakes up five years later to a new school and new faces. Sadly, he was more shocked to realize he had missed five years worth of soccer games than anything else.




Hello everyone!

I hope no one minds if I use the recreation room on Saturday night to watch the last World Cup. I found an archive with all the matches, and they're all high quality. I know a lot of people also missed it, so please join me. If we can't use the recreation room, I'll look for a free classroom... I will make it happen somehow!

The commentary will be in Spanish. You can really feel their love for soccer, and I think that makes it more exciting! The English commentator is a little boring, but if people would rather watch that version, we can...

Bring snacks!


It was almost uncanny how quickly just hearing that he had been asleep for five years could change everything. Before he went to sleep, "six years ago" had been when Tenma made his first friend in Tokyo. One year ago had marked when he enrolled in Raimon and became involved in a mutants rights activism. Now one year became six years, six years became eleven, eleven years became sixteen, and so on. It didn't see like much at first, but then he went and called his friends.

He made his best friends during his first year at Raimon Junior High. That was now five years ago. Those 7th graders he played soccer with, attended classes with, and agonized over low test scores with, were now in college. Everyone was different. Sure, there were some familiar things about each of them, but five years had remolded them into fine adults with ambitious goals while Tenma was the same naive boy who had simple needs and desires.

It was almost too much to take in, had it not been for one fact that lessened the weight of five years. They still shared his love for soccer, a passion that would not burn out no matter the time that wedged itself between them. Tenma was suddenly excited again. He wanted to see their five years of experience and skills he missed, and he still had much of his training he had at Xavier's Institute to show off in return.

Putting everything aside, he used his telekinesis to pick up a soccer ball for dual practice. He had a lot of catch up to do, both for soccer and for his mutant powers. With renewed determination, Tenma was ready to face the new world.

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